Tim Warmels chooses April Brockman!

Last week in part 1 of the finale of season 2 of Bachelor Canada Tim Warmels said “I am falling in love with two VERY different women” and the show left us on an epic cliffhanger with April Brockman hyper-ventilating in her hotel room proclaiming that she was “feeling overwhelmed and unclear” and saying “I want to go home.”

But wow! Props to Bachelor Canada for their ninja editing skills because they had me certain that Trisha would win this pageant and the final rose but Bachelor Tim Warmels chose adorable April Brockman instead!

So how the hell did they have time to turn things around in 30 minutes?

The show starts off where it left off–with Tim cradling April in his forehead in her disheveled  Moorea hotel room.

Tim talks about how concerned he is that April is “not sure” and he meets with her at Sunset (or was it Sunrise?) for a talk on the Tahiti Beach. April claims that she woke up and watched the sunrise and now feels “clear”. THANK GOD!!!

April also hands Tim an adorable love note telling him how she really feels about him.

The two make-out. So really I’d say it was pretty “clear” right then that April had “won”, because there is no way Tim would fight so hard for her to stay at the last second only to dump her!

Then Tim goes to meet Trish at a “love-lock” bridge!!!! Wow! Talk about awkward!

Tim hints that tomorrow “he has something really serious to talk with her” about and Trisha assumes it’s a proposal.

Then Micheal Hill jeweler shows up at his tiny Tahitian hut with some diamond rings. Tim, I mean CityTv springs for the 3 carat sparkler over the inferior 2 carat.

And we knew right away when Trisha got the “you are such a fun girl” speech that it was over–actually we knew as soon as she stepped out for the proposal first, but wow! Did he lead her on or what!?

April perked up and put her pretty sauce on (compliments of Rimmel of course!–loved the product placement) and put herself together in a beautiful purple strapless dress. So I am sure producers must have done some serious coaxing and producing back stage because April walks right up to Tim and starts delivering a soliloquy with full confidence that she has won.

She proclaims that: “I never got to tell you the things I Love about you…”

April proclaims “Can I kiss you now?” Awwwwww

And Tim got down on one knee and proposed to the Wasaga realtor!!!

Tim Warmels proposal
Tim Warmels proposal

Tonight the two emerged from 6 months in hiding to officially declare their love to one another to the world.

Actually one of the main reasons that they had me really thinking it would be Trisha and not April is they released their Week 9 blogs which could not have been more different. Trisha’s blog was like “love, love, love, hope I get to spend the rest of my life with Tim.”

And April’s was like ‘Tim loves passionately. He has a tremendous capacity for love…blah, blah, blah, fairytale romance, journey.’ So I thought April’s words were carefully crafted to be ‘true’, but to not specifically say she was in love with Tim.

Compounded by the fact that hours after posting the 2 blogs which I thought were pretty incriminating City Tv took them down!!! Why would they take them down? Bachelor Canada blog conspiracy!

But who knows! I am just glad that we have a happy ending. I was getting worried for a while there.

Source: CityTv
Source: CityTv

And I have to say Trisha handled herself with the utmost professionalism and that is what we love about this show!

Here’s what she said in her exit interview about seeing Tim for the first time tonight.

So Trisha is the ‘runner-up’ — So I wonder if April chooses to forgo her duties as the winner if Trisha automatically takes over the crown? Well you know what I mean. Jason Mesnick demonstrated this maneuver years ago so now it’s always in the back of our minds.

Congratulations Tim and April!!!!!!!

Can’t wait for AFTR!!

In case you have missed The Bachelor Canada season 2 you can watch it here…

Bachelor Canada season 2

Photo Source: CityTv

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