Ladies of London star Noelle Reno frantic 911 call

The fiance of Ladies of London star Noelle Reno died last Monday from an alleged suicide when he fell four storeys out of his London Penthouse onto an iron rail below.

Noelle apparently called police moments before Scot Young plunged to his. Noelle had been trying to get the locks on the apartment changed that day when Scot showed up unannounced.

According to a source at The Daily Mail,

“Noelle removed herself from the situation by leaving the building and called the police on the way out. She told them, ‘You might want to turn up, there’s a crazy man here. He’s gone mental. He won’t leave.'”

“He just turned up unannounced inside the flat. She said,’What are you doing here? You’re not supposed to be here.’ He was manic, crazy and probably high. It escalated.”

A close friend of Young’s, Jim Creed, a 64-year-old businessman from Ealing, West London talked to the Daily Mail about Young’s bizarre state prior to his death.

“He kept phoning and phoning me on Monday. He was in a terrible state. He told me he had booked himself into a mental institution, that he was not well but that he would be out next Thursday.”

“He was very animated and emotional saying I was his best friend and how much he loved me. Scot was bi-polar and had been in and out of clinics, he wasn’t well. It was the stress of it all, he deteriorated in the past five years.”

Earlier it was reported that Noelle and Scot were spotted out rowing prior to the fall. The story continues to get stranger and makes me wonder if just maybe Scot Young may have staged his own death. I know it sounds crazy but he obviously has some very big connections that could help with the performance. Who knows! Stay tuned for more on this epic situation!


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