Was Scot Young murdered by the Russian mafia?

The controversial fiance of Ladies of London’s Noelle Reno, Scot Young, 52 died a gruesome death on Monday evening falling 60 feet onto an iron rail from is luxury London apartment. The strange death is looking more suspicious with each passing day. It was no secret that Scot ran in some really dangerous circles. Actually I was shocked that Scot Young was fine with being deemed a “fixer”— an obviously illegal occupation.

The arrogance in how he operated spoke volumes about how well ‘connected’ he was and how high and far the corruption runs over in the Great Britain business world.

Now there is talk about a “ring of death” surrounding Scot Young. Some of Young’s closest friends, Boris Berezovsky, Robert Curtis, and Paul Castle also died under suspicious circumstances and were also allegedly being pursued by the Russian mafia over debts after a giant retail and property deal collapsed in 2006 called Project Moscow.

Young claimed that he had lost his entire fortune in the deal—Project Moscow was a very secretive property development scheme–a ponzi scheme perhaps.

A friend close to Young explains in the UK Telegraph why Young’s death is so suspicious. 

The friend claims that Boris Berezovsky coordinated the project. Berezovsky was found hanged in his bathroom in March of last year in his Berkshire home.

“Scot Young, Robert Curtis and Paul Castle all had to come up with a certain amount of money between them, somewhere around £140 million, although it was not limited to that,” the friend told the Telegraph.

“They were asked for the money but were then offered a quasi-deal whereby other Russians lent them more money to put in as a deposit, as a loan. The original sum was matched again.”

“So they are now in it to the tune of at least £280 million and are already in debt. But then the so-called planners in the Russian government suddenly pulled the plug and said they were not able to go through with the deal and all the money that had been put in was lost.”

“Where did the money go? That is the question.”

As a side note: During Young’s divorce hearings the court heard that £6 million from “Project Moscow” had been siphoned off into an offshore entity called the “SY Refinance Foundation”–so I wonder if Young may have been laundering money through the Foundation? Is it possible “SY” stands for “Scot Young”?

The court also heard that several creditors to whom Mr Young owed millions of pounds as a result of Project Moscow were still funding his lifestyle–why would they “fund his lifestyle” if he was in massive debt to them? In other words, I suspect Young may have been laundering money to them.

Friend to Young and Real estate millionaire, Robert Curtis, 47, who once dated lingerie model Caprice Bourret, died after falling under a Tube train in north West London.

The source claimed that Curtis was convinced it had been a scam and they had all been set up and that it was a way of extracting cash from wealthy British businessmen—aka a ponzi scheme—however, again why would the creditors be funding Young’s lifestyle. Is it possible Young duped his partners and then tried to blame the scam on them?

Curtis had been devastated by the 2010 suicide of Paul Castle, who also died under a Tube train.

Another man in the Project Moscow circle, lawyer Stephen Curtis, who introduced Young, Curtis and Castle to his Russian contacts, also died mysteriously in a helicopter crash, a week after telling friends he feared for his life.

The friend also claims that Young was hung out of a hotel window by the Russian mafia and told he would be dropped if he did not come up with some money. (This suggests to me that Young stole the money and funneled it through the non-profit and back to his creditors).

It sounds to me like the friend aka the source is protecting Scot Young, but considering how connected Young was I have a hard time believing that he was not instrumental in making the money “disappear”. In short some wealthy people are angry because they gave Young some money to invest and he “lost” it.
Stay tuned this story gets more interesting every minute!
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