Scot Young: ‘Ladies of London’ Bio, Photos, Net Worth

Scot Young: Bio, Photos

Name: Scot Young

Show: Ladies of London

Age: 52
Occupation: Fixer for wealthy businessmen and Russian oligarchs.
Hometown: Dundee, Scotland
Girlfriend/fiance: Noelle Reno

Ex-Wife: Michelle Young (married her in 1995)

Daughters: Scarlet, 21, and Sasha, 19

Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky. Sir Philip Green and restaurateur Richard Caring, Robert Curtis, Paul Castle, Simon Cowell. See Suspicious deaths surrounding Scot Young

Net Worth: in 2006 400 million dollars. His ex-wife claimed that he was worth 4.5 billion when he died on December 8th, 2014.

A court investigator told the court that he was worth at least £700 million during his divorce. The investigator claimed that a post-it note seized from his central London hotel room 2 years ago by his estranged wife Michelle described a “$4.5 billion profit in Facebook.”

Scot Young made his fortune as a property and telecoms magnate.

At the peak of the couple’s fortune, while they were still married, the excesses included a nine-bedroom Palladian mansion in Oxfordshire with 200 acres and a slew of staff– as well as properties in Belgravia and Florida, a yacht in Monaco and a private jet.

UPDATE: 12/10/2014 Scot Young dead after tragic fall


Noelle Reno and Scot Young Source: Twitter
Noelle Reno and Scot Young
Source: Twitter



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