Suspicious deaths surrounding Noelle Reno’s fiance Scot Young

The plot thickens on the mysterious death of Noelle Reno’s fiance Scot Young on Monday evening after he fell to his death from his Penthouse apartment. The Scotland Yard claims the death is not suspicious, but how could it not be? Would anyone commit suicide by impaling them self on a rod iron fence?

scot-young-deathScot Young was very very connected in London society. He was a “fixer” aka he did some really shady stuff to help really important people get out of big situations. He acquired a massive fortune “fixing” problems for London’s elite, money which he claimed he had lost in some bad real estate deals.

The horrific manner of his death and the timing suggests to me the possibility of murder and a conspiracy to “fix” the problem of Scot Young. And now more evidence is rolling in to support that claim, including a circle of mysterious deaths surrounding him. props to the UK Telegraph for putting these pieces together.

1. Johnny Elichaoff

First, drummer and antiques dealer and former husband of TV presenter Trinny Woodall, and a friend of Mr Young Johnny Elichaoff, 55, died last month also after falling. He fell from the roof of Whiteleys shopping center in west London allegedly from suicide.

Elichaoff began as a rockstar drummer, but went on to manage several successful bands like Tears for Fears and Fairground Attraction, and went on to manage the financial affairs of Scot.

His family claimed that they were shocked that he would have taken his own life.

2. Boris Berezovsky

Major Russian oligarch, Boris Berezovsky, was found dead hanging in his bathroom at his Berkshire home in March last year.

Berezovsky, was living in exile after falling out with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Detectives claimed that there was no sign of any struggle.

3. Robert Curtis

Real estate millionaire tycoon, Robert Curtis, 47, who once dated Noelle’s co-star lingerie model Caprice Bourret, died after falling under a Tube train in north West London.

Curtis lost a fortune in the real estate recession and was devastated by the death of friend Paul Castle.

Paul Castle

4. Paul Castle

In 2010, friend and fellow property entrepreneur, Paul Castle, also died under a Tube train.

Castle rolled in some serious London circles.  He played polo with Prince Charles.

The Telegraph interviewed an insider who now fears for his own life, and said: “I do not believe for one minute Scot committed suicide, my heart tells me he was killed.”

“There were five friends who all ate together at Cipriani who are all now dead. They were all linked in business and all owed a lot of money to the wrong people.”

“I’m absolutely devastated. He [Scot] was a really nice guy. I think they have been murdered or forced to take themselves out.”

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