Do Vail Bloom and Jax Taylor get together?

Previews for next week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules hint that there is some sexual chemistry between new server 32-years old  Vail Bloom and 35-year bartender Jax Taylor.

In fact the minute Jax met the blonde beauty he proclaimed “I’m going to sleep with her.” Lisa Vanderpump warns Vail to stay away from Jax and Stassi Schroeder, Katie Maloney, Kristina Kelly also warn Vail to stay away from Jax. But it appears that Vail will not heed the warning.

So do the two actually hook-up?

Well, looks like in June of this year according to Twitter the two were meeting for coffee supposedly discussing ‘business ventures’ which doesn’t sound all that sexy and sounds like it was all business.



It also looks like Vail was getting along quite well with her fellow cast members including Stassi Schroeder later in the season. I presume that if Vail so much as touched Mr. Jax, Stassi would not be so friendly with her so my guess is Vail shut Jax down.

I predict that the Emmy nominee will leave on her own within a few episodes after not causing enough drama and not making enough money.

But then again….there is this one intriguing tweet….

vail-jaxUPDATE 12/22/2014: Looks like the meeting occurred after Jax texted Vail to tell him that he and Tiffany had broken up, aka he was flirting. But Vail also did not take the bait at their coffee meeting…at least not yet!

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