Stassi Schroeder claims Patrick Meagher won’t appear on show & no one at SUR is ‘smart’

Vanderpump Rules star 26-year-old Stassi Schroeder recently did an interview on satellite radio network SiriusXM with OUT Q’s Larry Flick to discuss Season 3 of Vanderpump Rules, where she disses her cast-mates and claims that her boyfriend Patrick Meagher will not appear on show. Patrick is a sports caster on Sirius XM BTW.

She doesn’t really sound like she is worried about keeping her job on the show as she claims that ‘no one at SUR is ‘smart”.

They ask her why her and Patrick decided to move back to California. Stassi claims its because Patrick got a job opportunity with better hours but I suspect its more because Stassi would get a boat load of money for doing the entire season of Vanderpump Rules.

Stassi claims that if Patrick had not received the job offer Stassi would have lived with Katie for 2 weeks and only appeared on the first few episodes.

She goes on to criticize her fellow cast-mates….

“I dont think any of them are smart”.

She also claims that she doesn’t talk to anyone in the cast anymore, but does not believe that Katie cheated on Tom by motor-boating a guys crotch.

We know that there is a lot of tension between her and Scheana marie and that Stassi does not get invited to Scheana’s wedding.

She says that:

“Scheana and Jax are bored vindictive people that just want to cause drama.”

In regards to the shows explosive popularity she says:

“We are still treated like the ugly step child by Bravo because we are servers.”

here is the full interview…

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