Will there be a season 4 of Vanderpump Rules? & Who is Jax still talking to?

Will there be a season 4 of Vanderpump Rules?

Well we know that Vanderpump Rules almost did not have a season 3 after star Stassi Schroeder moved to New York city to be with new boyfriend Patrick Meagher over the summer and after Mr. Jax Taylor started spending all of his time in Las Vegas with new girlfriend Tiffany Matthews around the time that the reunion last season was filmed aka Bravo was panicked that they would have no VP season 3 storyline.

An insider told us:

“He (Jax) didn’t really intend to end things with her (Tiffany) until he realized he better find someone to replace Stassi. The reunion was filmed on a Friday and he had things with Carmen up and running in a week. He was planning on going back to Vegas that following week to see Tiffany until he realized that his job with the show was on the line.”

So thankfully Bravo worked some miracles and got both Stassi and Jax to return to West Hollywood in time for a season 3. Recently Jax Taylor answered some questions on a live Reddit chat about doing Vanderpump Rules. Someone asked about a season 4 and he said this:

“You know… we don’t know about next season yet. But we are 3 episodes in and they are already adding more episodes, so that’s a good indicator we’re on the right track for a season 4.”

Yay!!!! But producers must be a bit stressed about whether or not they can continue to bring the drama. Season 2 was epic! And now that we know how well the stars are paid it’s going to get harder to believe that they are servers year round.

There is a lot of tension this season between Jax Taylor and Katie Maloney over Jax friendship with Katie’s boyfriend Tom Schwartz. This season Katie learned that Tom cheated on her on one of his trips to Las Vegas with Jax.

Jax mentioned several times that he would be happy if Tom and Katie broke up. Stassi used the events to try and persuade Tom to dump Jax. We know that no one is talking to Stassi Schroeder right now so one fan asked this:

“Has your relationship with Katie improved now that she is no longer friends with Stassi?”

Jax replied….

“100% yes.”

“As of right now, I am friends with everyone EXCEPT Stassi and Kirsten.”

Well at this rate it does not look like Stassi will return to the show so how will Vanderpump Rules keep the drama going for a season 4?

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