Chris Soules Bachelor premiere: So many ladies, so many situations

Tonight the long awaited Bachelor Season 19 premiered with small town farm boy and 33-year-old Bachelor Chris Soules and his GIANT crop of ladies. In fact I had to wait until he culled the herd tonight to finish my bios because 30 ladies was just too much for me.

SITUATION 1: The red carpet event with Bachelor alumni. This was amazing! — as in amazingly painful to watch. It looked like there were no more than 30 people–all ladies–at the red carpet event cheering and it was hard to pretend that these folks (as much as we love them) warranted a red carpet and a ‘step & repeat’.

And Host Chris Harrison was live on said red carpet for the first hour of the three-hour show aka it was an uncomfortably large amount of time to dedicate to this red carpet. He talked to Bachelor Sean Lowe and wife Catherine and grilled them about having children–really he did not accept their answer of “They’re on our radar” and wanted to know ‘how big the radar” is. Sean said to look for a baby to “pop out” in 2016. This was my favorite response to a CBH question. So keep an eye on Mrs. Lowe on Twitter to see if anything ‘pop’s out’.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

SITUATION 2: Vancouver Dance instructor Kaitlyn Bristowe’s entrance: who said upon arrival…. “I know you’re name is Chris and I know you’re a farmer.” and “You can plow the (bleep) out of my field any day!” Awkward silence ensued.

SITUATION 3: Whitney Bischoff’s high voice. A lot of Tweeters were curious if she had just inhaled a large amount of helium.

SITUATION 4: The cruise ship singer Carly from Arlington, Texas emerges from the limo singing to Chris carrying a karaoke machine.

SITUATION 5: Brittany shows up in very skimpy white lace dress aka lingerie. She is a WWE diva-in-training and held up a sign that said, “#Soulmates.” It was quite a choice for a ‘first impression’ dress! And we learned from The Bachelor employees that ABC does NOT dress the ladies until the very end.

Source: Facebook
(ABC/Rick Rowell)

SITUATION 6: Actress and professional hugger Britt Nilsson gets the first impression rose and first kiss.

SITUATION 7: Michelle Money claims “I heard something about Britt…..that she doesn’t take showers.” I am more curious about who The Bachelor informant is dishing out this info?

SITUATION 8: The Iowa ladies in the Live audience!!!! They all had the same black chunky necklace and Sharon Osbourne hair-do despite the fact that the age range had to be at least 2 decades. That was amazing. I am sort of speechless. They looked like lovely ladies and excellent huggers so Bachelor ladies…………….. here are your new Iowa BFFs.

SITUATION 9: The return of Kimberly. The 28-year-old yoga instructor, refused to go home after failing to win a rose in the rose ceremony. The teary eyed amazing lady did not follow producers instructions and wandered back into the house to talk to Chris.


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