Stassi Schroeder does not want to return for Vanderpump Rules season 4

Stassi Schroeder almost did not appear on season 3 of Vanderpump Rules after she quit working at SUR and decided to move to New York with her boyfriend, Patrick Meagher, but lucky for us his work had him return to Los Angeles just in time for season 3. But it sounds like she is done with reality television for good this time telling In Touch Weekly:

“I don’t want to do reality TV again. It’s just not where my head’s at anymore! I’m happiest these days just being at home with (my boyfriend) Patrick.”

But it’s hard to imagine the show without the resident ‘mean girl’. Stassi’s one-liners are priceless and brilliant. I doubt she will return for VanderPump Rules, but maybe Bravo will give her a spin-off about her new life in LA with boyfriend Patrick and a little bit of VP crossover?

In regards to her infamous mean girl persona she said this:

“There are so many things I’ve said as a joke, but they don’t show me laughing after.”

She also comments that she has “no control over what’s shown!”

She concedes: “we’re putting ourselves out there to be judged.” Yes, you are! And to entertain us and Bravo Stassi! You have done a superb job!

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