Becca Tilley’s awkward Hometown is a situation!

Tonight is Hometowns and one of those coveted Hometowns goes to Christian contestant Becca Tilley, the 26-year-old Chiropractic assistant from Rancho Santa Fe, California (so I am not entirely sure why they went to Shreveport Louisiana. I know her family is from there but I was under the impression that they all lived in San Diego. Is San Diego that boring!! I’m feeling insecure that my city wasn’t interesting enough for a Hometown).

Anyhow Becca’s Hometown wins the award for most uncomfortable HTD this season for sure. Poor Becca. So apparently Becca has NEVER shown interest in a man or any kind of intimacy before which the family reiterates constantly to Chris. Of course the information was supposed to convince us how much she liked Bachelor Chris Soules, but instead came out like Becca is seriously special needs, may be Asperger’s and incapable of emotions of any kind and may never love you.

I really think the family did her in. Chris is an Enneagram 6, The Loyalist. He is definitely searching for safety and security and a girl who has serious problems with intimacy sounds terrifying to a 6. She does have an ex-boyfriend BTW. Voice singer Dez Duron, 24 also from Shreveport, but apparently they did not consummate their love!

Becca’s sister also had a sit-down with Becca about the famous upcoming Fantasy Suite date and telling her sister that instead of sex they would be enjoying some donuts. This is because Becca is a virgin–of course she’s a virgin! She hates intimacy.

Chances are slim to none that Becca will surrender her virginity in the Fantasy Suite so this is something for Bachelor Chris Soules to consider if he is counting on getting lucky with more than one amazing lady.

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