Will Bachelor Chris Soules pull a Mesnick on The Bachelor Finale?

Whoa! My jaw dropped when I saw this update. So SPOILER ALERT…sort-of! We will not reveal who the winner is BUT…stop now if you don’t want any details at all about the engagement…

So we know Chris proposes to one of his remaining ladies–between Kaitlyn Bristowe, 30 Whitney Bischoff, 29 and Becca Tilley, 26. So one of those 3 ladies walks away with an engagement and a Neil Lane ring and one is the runner-up.

BUT and this is a big BUT!

Insiders at Life & Style are claiming 33-year-old Chris Soules is madly in love with the runner-up — circa Jason Mesnick!!!

In the February 25th edition an insider claims that Chris Soules is currently engaged to the show’s winner, however he is madly in love with his runner-up and actually professed his love to her before the finale. If this is true, this is a SITUATION for sure!

We have known all along that Chris is really insecure about where he lives and whether or not a woman could actually be happy there and with good reason!!! Not a single restaurant or bar or person! So L&S is claiming that Chris changed his mind at the last minute because he did not think his first choice would ever be happy living there.

Life & Style Magazine even spoke to a Bachelor production insider who said,

“Chris shocked everyone when he told one of the final women that he loved her. It was like he couldn’t help himself. The words just came out as if he had been trying so hard for so long to keep them in.”

Another source added, “He confided in someone on the production team after his final dates muttering, ‘I just don’t know what to do.’ The staffer was literally holding him by his shoulder and trying to shake some sense in to him. It was so sad.”

WOW!!! Whoops!!!!! That is a serious party foul–telling #2 girl you love her. So I am wondering if ABC had anything to do with his final decision. After all they have a lot invested in making sure the relationship lasts and they have been known to pressure contestants in the past.

There had been rumors that he was still in love with his ex-girlfriend Sheena whom he was engaged to and dated for 7 years, but perhaps the sources were confusing Sheena with the runner-up!

Stay tuned, we may very well see our second Jason Mesnick in Bachelor history!

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