Are Cortney & Jason still together? 2015 Update

Tonight Married At First Sight: The First Year episode 6 leaves us on a SERIOUS cliffhanger! 26 year-old Burlesque Dancer from North Carolina Cortney Hendrix goes on a quick trip to North Carolina to visit her family and comes back to a completely empty apartment!!!
Jason has moved out without any warning at all. Cortney is crying and calls Jason—and scene!
WHAT happened???
Flashback a few days earlier, Cortney and her 26-year-old EMT / Firefighter Jason Carrion are having serious problems. Cortney is really unhappy. She misses her family in North Carolina and doesn’t feel she gets to spend enough time with her new husband. She is extremely emotional and is balling her eyes out.
She decided to spend Thanksgiving alone in New York because she did not want to leave Jason–particularly since it was his first Thanksgiving without his mother. Jason had to work, but they had a belated Thanksgiving dinner the next day with their close friends. “I wish I was with [my family], but I’m not going to leave Jason alone on Thanksgiving,” Cortney said.
Cortney continues to struggle with homesickness and depression saying: “I’m not myself. I’m not a sad person normally … and the only thing I can think to do is go home to my dad.”
Jason is concerned that Cortney might want to move back home to be near her parents.
She heads home and talks about how much space is there and when she returns to NYC she finds her apartment empty. She discovers that Jason has moved out of their Upper East side apartment.
The episode is heartbreaking, but rest assured fans— it’s all Ok. They are very much together and happy…at least as of a few weeks ago when they did the episode 1 Recap together.
They were even joking about having kids soon.
Jason and Cortney drifting apart on premiere on Married at First Sight: the First Year
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