Kelsey Poe delivers dramatic diatribe on husband’s death

Tonight on The Bachelor 28-year-old Guidance Counselor Kelsey Poe of Hudsonville, Michigan finally confided in Chris about her husband Sanderson Poe’s tragic death. She was concerned that she may be eliminated before she had the chance to deliver her tear-jerking diatribe so she went to Chris hotel room unannounced to explain the situation.

She let Chris know that Sanderson Poe died suddenly and unexpectedly of heart failure in May of 2013 at the age of 42.

In her ITM she said, “I know this show is about Chris but this is my love story too. This is the unfolding of somebody who has been through something so tragic and you get to watch her pick up the pieces and grow into another relationship.”

Kelsey was hoping to expose the news on a one-on-one, but Britt Nilsson was the recipient of the one-on-one this week which sent Poe into a bit of a panic.

I have to say her dramatic divulgence kind of freaked me out a little. I was honestly expecting to like Kelsey more, but the disclosure felt more like an audition and less like an authentic moment. I know, shocking to suggest anything on The Bachelor–especially something as serious as a death could feel inauthentic, but it did.

The rest of the amazing ladies also felt that the last minute play was manipulative, especially when she told them she felt safe from elimination.

And apparently so did fans! Poe’s Facebook page was barraged with comments from people criticizing her for using her widowhood to ensure she would not be eliminated. She responded to the criticism saying,

“Sanderson’s death was absolutely devastating, but finding a way to live through it and my strength to survive is amazing.”

Previews for next week show Kelsey curled up in a ball and hyperventilating on the ground. The fourth wall comes down and a producer enters frame!–one of our favorite situations.

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