Did Kelsey Poe fake her dramatic meltdown on The Bachelor?

Monday’s episode of The Bachelor ended with 28-year-old Michigan Guidance Counselor Kelsey Poe hyperventilating on the floor and a production crew member stepping in and calling for emergency medical attention.

A woman hyperventilating over a Bachelor and requiring medical attention is not new for the show, but the events leading up to the meltdown make the event appear possibly staged and have led many to ponder a Kelsey Poe conspiracy theory.

Prior to that, concerned that she may be eliminated that night, Kelsey went to Chris’ hotel room unannounced (also a common move) to tell him the story of how husband Sanderson Poe had died suddenly and unexpectedly of heart failure in May of 2013.

Many of the contestants thought the maneuver was inauthentic and manipulative. You can see in the video below contestants like Becca Tilley and Whitney Bischoff are just not having it. And Kelsey’s somewhat callous ITM discussing the situation was rather startling. It did feel like she was using the situation to keep from being eliminated.

I have to say it’s rather confounding to me that anyone would think delivering a sob story about an ex’s untimely death would make a Bachelor hot for girl, but what do I know. Anyway Chris Harrison spoke to TV Guide about Kelsey Poe lending some credibility to the conspiracy theory.

Harrison claims that when Kelsey first entered the bathroom she had her microphone pack off and when she came stumbling out her microphone was mysteriously on again. Cut to Kelsey laying on the floor in tears and hyperventilating.

I also thought it was suspicious that during the rose ceremony Kelsey glanced over at a few cast mates with a rather calculated grin and looked like she was plotting something. The other question is, was ABC involved in the conspiracy? I would not put it past producers to encourage an epic Hail Mary maneuver like that to prop up ratings. Hopefully Monday will shed some light on the situation.

“Stay tuned”.

Did Kelsey Poe fake her dramatic meltdown on The Bachelor?

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