Chris Harrison on Kelsey Poe

Bachelor contestant Kelsey Poe, 26 rubbed a lot of the ladies the wrong way this season. She was anxious to tell Bachelor Chris Soules, 33 the tragic tale of her ex-husband Sanderson Poe’s sudden death. But when the diatribe failed to secure her a guaranteed rose she had an epic pre-rose ceremony meltdown that struck many as calculated. Some suggest she is … Read more

Did Kelsey Poe fake her dramatic meltdown on The Bachelor?

Monday’s episode of The Bachelor ended with 28-year-old Michigan Guidance Counselor Kelsey Poe hyperventilating on the floor and a production crew member stepping in and calling for emergency medical attention. A woman hyperventilating over a Bachelor and requiring medical attention is not new for the show, but the events leading up to the meltdown make the event … Read more