Katie Maloney on the ‘ring on a string’ situation

Monday night on Vanderpump Rules we finally got to see Scheana Marie’s wedding to boyfriend and fiance Micheal Shay. The wedding was spectacular and for the most part drama-free with a few exceptions. Katie Maloney’s boyfriend Tom Schwartz takes the opportunity to give Katy the most uncomfortable gift ever—the infamous ‘ring on a string’.

Tom felt the gift was very meaningful and genuinely thought Katy would like it but sadly he was wrong. ‘Ring on a string’ was a big fat flop!

This is what Katie Maloney said regarding her feelings about the ROS situation.

“I couldn’t have been more happy to be a part of such a beautiful occasion. …. The ceremony was beautiful, and I was fighting tears the whole time–……”

“The reception was getting into full swing, and I was having so much fun. Next thing, Tom is pulling me aside to talk. Not that I didn’t want to talk to him, but I was still rattled by his latest confession and didn’t want to address any of it on this night. It was already a thorn in the side being at a wedding with my significant other who hasn’t made that same commitment on top of the lies and deceit.”

The “latest confession” was his confession that he cheated in Las Vegas with a friend of Tiffany Matthews.

“Now once he pulled out this box, my heart stopped. Was he going to pull out an engagement ring and propose to me at a wedding? As much as I have dreamed of a proposal, it never took place at someone else’s wedding. Well, it was a ring, but it was attached to a necklace. Whomp whomp whoooommpp. Now let me back up for just a minute. In conversations past, Tom and I talked about the idea of wearing rings on a necklace. I scoffed at the idea, as I thought it defeats the purpose and sentiment of a ring. So he knew better. I understand he did put thought into the gift; he knew I love rose gold, and he even had it inscribed with my nickname “Bubba Love.” Problem was that it was a ring attached to a string. At this point in our relationship, a ring should have strings attached, not attached to a string. I felt like it was a pacifier without really having to make commitments.”

Yeah, I think so. Obviously Tom has some commitment issues and this should raise some red flags for Katie. Seems like he got off way too easy on the cheating.

Photo Source: Bravo

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