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Bachelor contestant Kelsey Poe sort of shocked everyone by coming off so pompous and ego-centric on this season of The Bachelor. I really expected a lot more from a Guidance Counselor. Her persona on the show was a bit off. She seemed to relish her story about her deceased husband Sanderson Poe, calling her story, “amazing.”

In fact Kelsey seemed more in love with ‘her story’ than Chris. So she was given the boot in the Badlands after Ashley Iaconetti ratted on her to Chris telling him she was “fake” in one of the most dramatic double elimination situations in Bachelor history!

But now it looks like Kelsey is taking her amazing story on the road all the way to Paris, France to become a writer.

Kelsey Poe
Kelsey Poe

She spoke in Grand Rapids, Michigan, according to MLive.”I’m blessed with the ability to express myself and use my words,” ….. “I noticed my blog was starting to have an impact. But if you’re going to be a writer, you might as well be a writer in Paris.”

YEAH! You may as well FOR sure! Just not sure writing a blog can pay the rent in Paris!

Earlier she said this defending her comments about her ‘amazing story’:

“That wasn’t amazing. That was tragic. That still breaks my heart. What’s amazing is the love that I had with him. What’s amazing is that he helped me become who I am today because of the man that he was and the character he had,” she said. “What makes my life amazing is that I picked up the pieces of my shattered life and I put them back together….I still have the capacity in my heart to love again.”

I can not wait for The Women Tell All in a week. I think Kelsey may need a few body guards!

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