Chris Soules talks Whitney Bischoff Fantasy Suite & kids

Monday Chris Soules, 33 finally got his Fantasy Suite dates with his final 3 ladies in Bali. Being that we are 2 weeks away from a proposal I would suspect Chris would have some serious conversations with his ladies about a possible future together at this point. I am sure most of the real conversations happen off camera. So it was interesting to hear Chris tell us about his Fantasy Suite time with front-runner Whitney Bischoff.

Chris’ date with Whitney started off kind of ‘rough’, but got better. This is what he said in his People blog:

“Spending the day at sea with Whitney was mostly great. Well, we had fun. The crew? Not so much. The waves were pretty big that day, and almost everyone got really, really seasick.”

Chris Soules, Whitney Bischoff

Chris is sort of perseverating on Whitney’s career in Chicago and whether or not she could really leave all that behind. He comments that the closest place where she could have a “career” would be Des Moines which is 3 hours away and Chicago is 4-5 hours away. He goes on to discuss their conversation which you can imagine meant leaving her career and home in Chicago and moving to Arlington, Iowa:

“Later that night, there were a couple of things I wanted to talk to Whitney about. Having seen her in action as a nurse and having seen her apartment in Chicago, I wanted to know if she could really leave all that behind for Arlington. I wouldn’t blame her if she couldn’t because she has quite the life going on in the big city. I loved how honest Whitney’s answer was. She said she would never choose Arlington but that it’s not about the place itself – it’s about the person you’re with. I admired her honesty. Truthfully, I loved that Whitney said she’d be ready to have babies, because I’m 33, and that’s definitely something I want sooner than later.”

Whitney reassures Chris that she is ready to be an Arlington housewife and wants to start having babies right away.

Like I said earlier, I think at this point Chris is just looking for the girl who will not want to kill herself in Arlington. Chris wants to start having kids right away and whomever he chooses has to be ‘all in’.

As far as the big Fantasy Suite question:

“It took Whitney a few seconds before she said yes to the Fantasy Suite, and she totally freaked me out. Once again, that girl knew how to trick me and keep me on my toes! I was relieved when she said finally said yes because I really wanted that alone time with her, and we had an incredible night together.”

Alright, well it’s hard to know who Chris will pick because I think he really likes both girls. There have been a lot of rumors which suggest either girl could win the final rose!

Chris Soules’ season

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