Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff on GMA!

Last night Bachelor Chris Soules made the grueling decision to choose a life partner. I say “grueling” because he was definitely falling in love with both women. But in the end he chose 29-year-old Fertility Nurse Whitney Bischoff  over 26-year-old Chiropractic assistant Becca Tilley. I think it really was the first time in Bachelor history … Read more

Chris Soules talks Whitney Bischoff Fantasy Suite & kids

Monday Chris Soules, 33 finally got his Fantasy Suite dates with his final 3 ladies in Bali. Being that we are 2 weeks away from a proposal I would suspect Chris would have some serious conversations with his ladies about a possible future together at this point. I am sure most of the real conversations … Read more

Whitney Bischoff’s Hometown Date takes Chris to ‘the Specimen Room’


Whitney Bischoff is one of the four remaining Bachelor contestants who got lucky enough to see Chris Soules tiny Hometown of Arlington, Iowa. She also seemed the least horrified about the prospect of living there. The 29-year-old is a Fertility Nurse at the Fertility Centers of Illinois where she literally injects sperm into eggs and … Read more

Jimmy Kimmel crashes The Bachelor–plans Chris Soules date with Kaitlyn & Whitney


Next week host Jimmy Kimmel crashes The Bachelor and takes over the show as guest host. Jimmy takes the remaining amazing ladies and shows them his “Amazing Jar,” which everyone has to contribute a dollar to if they say the word ‘amazing’—amazing! Kimmel also plans Chris Soules dates which all coincidentally wind up in a … Read more