Gamble Breaux claims she has regrets about doing RHOM

The Real Housewives of Melbourne season 2 has 2 new additions and one of them is 43-year-old Art collector and consultant Gamble Breaux.

The ex-model, now millionaire told TV WEEK:

‘There have been a lot of times I’ve regretted doing the show.’

The other new addition is Pettifleur Berenger, 50, who constantly puts Gamble down for her appearance. Last week Pettifleur called Gamble ‘dumb’ and described her style as a ‘trainwreck’. And she told castmate Lydia, ‘First impressions of Gamble, you know, I thought she wasn’t that bright.’26195D9900000578-2975252-image-a-61_1425300282907

‘Less plastic surgery and I think she would look great, maybe a little bit of meat on her body too. She’s too bony.’
Ouch! If you thought the American housewives could throw some shade!
‘The first two months of filming were a nightmare for me… I lost a lot of sleep,’ Gamble said.Gamble is engaged to one of Australia’s most revered eye surgeons, Dr Rick Wolfe.‘Without his support, I wouldn’t have been able to go on,’ she tells the mag. 

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