Gamble Breaux claims she has regrets about doing RHOM

The Real Housewives of Melbourne season 2 has 2 new additions and one of them is 43-year-old Art collector and consultant Gamble Breaux. The ex-model, now millionaire told TV WEEK: ‘There have been a lot of times I’ve regretted doing the show.’ The other new addition is Pettifleur Berenger, 50, who constantly puts Gamble down for her … Read more

Pettifleur Berenger RHOM 2015: Bio, Photos, Twitter, Age, Sign

Pettifleur Berenger RHOM 2015: Bio, Photos, Twitter Name: Pettifleur Berenger Age: 50 Bravo show: The Real Housewives of Melbourne season 2 (first aired on Arena TV) Occupation: Property Developer Hometown: Melbourne CBD Twitter: Pettifleur Star Sign: Sagittarius Nationality: Sri Lankan Relationship status: Partnered (Frank) for 8 years. She has been married twice before. Children: 3 sons ranging in ages from … Read more