Married at First Sight: 1 year later on Nightline

‘Married at First Sight: The First Year’ follows the 2 successful couples from the inaugural season—27-year-old Delivery Nurse Jamie Otis and 31-year-old commercial sales rep Doug Hehner as well as the youngest couple, 26 year-old Burlesque Dancer and make-up artist Cortney Hendrix and 27 year-old  EMT Jason Carrion.

Shockingly 2 out of the 3 couples are still together. The road hasn’t been easy or without conflict. In fact Jamie Otis had a break-down at first sight when she saw future husband Doug Hehner but she really starts falling for him as the season progresses. The season ends though without her being able to say that she is “in love” with him, but that’s Ok because she got there soon after filming stopped. This Nightline interview catches up with the two couples and discusses some of the hurdles they have endured as well as some of the things that brought them closer together like the death of Jason’s mother.

Since filming Jason has officially become a New York City Firefighter.

In terms of when exactly Jamie and Doug fell in love Jamie says “it was a long transition for me”.

Season 2 of the new show premieres tonight on A&E.


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