Part 2 of the Vanderpump Rules Reunion: ‘Miami Girl’

Vanderpump Rules season 3 Reunion part 2 Recap

On Part 2 of the Vanderpump Rules Reunion show the cast rehashes the ‘Miami Girl’ situation. Host Any Cohen grills Tom Sandoval about the mounting evidence against him including Annemarie’s description of Tom’s genitalia.

Jax Taylor, 35 is grilled about what exactly he saw and concedes that he did not actually witness Tom Sandoval have sex with Annemarie Kunkel.

“In my mind I wasn’t there. I was buying beer. I wasn’t even in the room. I only go off of what she said.”

“That’s what the girl said to me.”

“That’s the truth the girl told me the next day.”

Kristen interjects saying that she is not the source of the problem because she did not make the story up.

For some reason the boys can easily forgive Jax but they are not that easy on Kristen.

Andy asks Ariana “do you wish Tom would cut Jax out as a friend?”

Ariana says: “somethimes.”

Andy also insists the Miami Girl story is pretty convincing because of her description of his “4 inch penis”. The comment obviously makes Tom uncomfortable and he squirms around it by bringing up Kristen’s credibility.

In the end both Tom and Ariana insist that Tom is innocent despite the evidence.


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