Britt Nilsson in Nashville with new boyfriend Brady Toops

Filming for Bachelorette 2015 has not even wrapped yet and one of the two Bachelorettes is already in a pretty exclusive relationship—hahaha.

So this is sort of a spoiler, although I can’t imagine you could Google anything about The Bachelorette 2015 and not see this but you have been warned if you don’t want to know anything about the season.

Bachelorette 27-year-old Britt Nilsson is dating 33-year-old musician and contestant Brady Toops.

So it sounds like the contestants voted on night one on whether they wanted to date Kaitlyn Britstowe or Britt Nilsson and 29-year-old Kaitlyn won. But Brady really wanted to meet Britt and he bailed on night one to pursue Britt and apparently it paid off because these two hit it off.

Earlier Britt was spotted grocery shopping with the Christian song writer in LA with no cameras around suggesting the relationship was legit and now she has even flown to Nashville, TN to see him.

Source: Twitter

Brady is a pretty famous Christian gospel music performer from Nashville.

(He actually gave up a career in professional baseball after being drafted into the St. Louis Cardinals to pursue a career in music.)

He recently traveled to Australia to perform, but sans Britt. But not to worry Britt just flew to Nashville, Tennessee, where Brady is now and the two are hanging out today at the Arrington Vineyards in Arrington, TN.

Update: April 13th, 2015: The two were spotted last night at Cause A Scene music show in Nashville.britt_brady_nashville

Britt is being pretty coy on Twitter but she did post this in regards to doing The Bachelor a few weeks ago:

“I’m still glad I did it. God consistently works things out for good when we trust Him…even through pain, mistakes, sadness. I learned a lot about human nature & about myself. If nothing else, I opened my heart. I wish @souleschris and the final 3 the best of luck. All beautiful people who deserve beautiful things.”

Britt_nilsson_brady_datingSo do you want to know if Britt and Brady are still together?

The Bachelorette 2015 season 11 premieres on Monday, May 18, 2015.

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