Juan Pablo Galavis says Bruce Jenner was very sad when he met him

Well Bruce Jenner’s much-anticipated interview regarding his transitioning to becoming a woman aired tonight on 20/20 with Diane Sawyer and Bruce had one very interesting Bachelor Nation supporter—Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis. Juan became infamous for saying that gays should not be on The Bachelor and for referring to gay couples as “more pervert”.
The seemingly insensitive comment caused a huge backlash against the hit show and sent ABC into damage control mode. JP was even dropped from Dancing with the Stars. But it looks like Juan has some words of support for Bruce and his upcoming journey as well as an interesting observation:
“When we MET him, his SADNESS was very easy to READ. I remember EXACTLY @nikki_ferrell WORDS about him. Im glad and I know NIKKI is SMILING right now happy he did the INTERVIEW and now he can feel FREE. #BruceJenner”juan-pablo-bruce-jenner
He and Nikki recently broke up but it sounds like the two are still friends.

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