Noelle Reno insists fiancee Scot Young’s tragic death was suicide, not murder

Ladies of London star and former fiancee of 52-year-old Scot Young, Noelle Reno has been silent since the bizarre death of the controversial businessman who fell 60ft impaling himself on a railings outside his £3million penthouse last December.

But she has finally broken her silence and insists the suspicious death was a suicide.

Noelle, 31 claimed that she ordered him to leave her flat after he showed up uninvited.

Understandably conspiracy theories have circulated about the strange death.

He had just ended a bitter six–year divorce battle with ex-wife Michelle Young and a High Court ordered him to pay her £20 million despite the fact that Young insisted he was “penniless”. But his wife accused him of hiding away more than £400million.

Reno has been writing a blog on the Huffington Post covering her travel called #12Countries12Months.

This week she opened up about Young’s death: “My 12th and final trip of #12Countries12Months was meant to be completed with a weekend in Belgium accompanied by 3 of my most favourite girlfriends.”

“Four days before we were to depart from Waterloo to Brussels somebody very close to me, named Scot Young, unexpectedly committed suicide.”

“Scot and I had recently broken up after five and a half years of being together, most of which we were engaged.”

“One thing I know in the deepest depths of my soul, where all true wisdom resides, is that #12Countries12Months prepared me for this loss.”

“I look forward to exploring this new journey in more depth as I come in to a new stage in my life.”

The circumstances surrounding his death were suspicious for sure. Five of his business associates had also died under mysterious circumstances and Young had insisted someone was trying to kill him before his death.

Personally, I suspect Scot Young staged his death. Why? The fact that just prior to his death he was out rowing with Reno. He was incredibly paranoid that he was being followed and if he needed to have a conversation about staging his death then a row would be one of the safest ways to ensure privacy. But that’s just my opinion.

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