Chris Harrison on how he hooked Brady Toops up with Britt Nilsson

The best part of Monday’s Bachelorette was seeing the look on 27-year-old Britt Nilsson’s face when contestant Brady Toops, 28 knocked on her hotel room door. She was in the middle of talking to her mom, bawling because she got the boot without having a chance to say goodbye to the guys. But Brady walked out of the rose ceremony before Kaitlyn even began handing out roses. It was clear that he was there for Britt and only Britt. Outside he asked Chris if he could help him get in contact with Britt. Thankfully Chris Harrison was able to work his magic.

Chris Harrison says this about what was happening behind the scenes with Brady.

“As for the rose ceremony… Brady was very clear from the beginning that he was there for Britt. The two of them really hit it off and they had instant chemistry. He was absolutely crestfallen when Britt was sent home and he’d been down about it all night. I wasn’t surprised when he pulled Kaitlyn aside and let her know he was going home. I was a little surprised when he asked to talk to me to see if he could possibly find out where Britt was staying. Brady wanted to know if there was any way possible if he could see Britt again and find out if there was truly a connection between them.”

Luckily Harrison thought there could be a real connection and made it happen.

“I thought Brady was sincere, so we made the arrangements and sent him over to see Britt.”

Smart move by Brady. I bet a few other guys were thinking ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ But Brady was the first and the last to pursue Britt because she said that week her and Brady spent every day together and have been together ever since.

There have been multiple sightings of the two together since and they are posting pics all over Instagram. Britt even visited the Christian singer-songwriter in his Hometown of Nashville. So I think Britt may be the real winner this season.

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