Kaitlyn Bristowe ex-boyfriend may release racy nude photos

OK! Magazine claims that Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe, 30 has some sexy x-rated photos that her ex-boyfriend may release to the public–a-hem—-is someone looking for a pay-off? Why not just release them? The source tells the magazine….

“It was only a matter of time before one of Kaitlyn’s exes came forward with stories about her crazy past.”

The source goes on to say the x-rated photos could be a “nightmare” for producers–circa Jade Roper and her nude Playboy photos which did not come out until Hometowns.

“These photos could prove to be a nightmare for producers who are desperately trying to make their Bachelorette seem like a sweet girl who’s afraid of having her poor little heart broken.”

Well, why all the veiled threats? If you have the alleged photos just release them. This on the heels of previews which show Kaitlyn admitting to having sex with a contestant before Fantasy suite dates. And who is this jilted boyfriend? Is it Vancouver firefighter Trevor Partlo who claims Kaitlyn was dating him while she starred on The Bachelor? Is someone looking for a little revenge?

Or is it Kaitlyn herself trying to cash in on her new found fame? Sadly, I would not be shocked.

Kaitlyn has been defending herself since the controversial preview aired.

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