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Tom Brady
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I admittedly know little to nothing about Football but unless you have been living under a rock you know all about Tom Brady’s soft balls.

And the only reason I even know who Tom Brady is, is because he is so ‘ridiculously good-looking’ and is married to that super hot Brazilian super-model. But anyhow, Brady is apparently in a whole heap of trouble for deflating his balls. And the situation does not seem to be going away because now there is evidence.

They just released the text messages between Brady and the guy whose job is to make sure the balls are properly inflated. First of all I LOVE that someone’s entire job is making sure balls are properly inflated! Secondly, this evidence is pretty darn incriminating.

The texts show that Brady engaged in regular communication with the ‘ball inflator’ John Jastremski and even invited him to the quarterback meeting room to talk for the first time in Jastremski’s 20 years with the team.

Here are the text communications between the two in the three days after the AFC title game compliments of Yahoo News.

Apparently Jastremski was a bit worried after reading the ProFootballTalk article about the deflated football scandal on the day after the game.

Brady then calls him a minute later, and they talk for 13 minutes.

9:51 a.m.: Brady texts Jastremski checking up on him. Jastremski says he’s “still nervous”:

Brady (9:51 a.m.): You good Jonny boy?

Jastremski (9:53 a.m.): Still nervous; so far so good though. I’ll be alright

Brady (9:54 a.m.): You didn’t do anything wrong bud.

Jastremski (9:55 a.m.): I know; I’ll be all good

Then Jastremski texts Brady giving him a heads up that head equipment manager David Schoenfeld was going to interview him:

Jastremski (10:54 a.m.): FYI…Dave will be picking your brain later about it. He’s not accusing me, or anyone…trying to get to bottom of it. He knows it’s unrealistic you did it yourself…

Jastremski (10:55 a.m.): Just a heads up

Brady (10:59 a.m.): No worries bud. We are all good

2:30 p.m.: Brady texts Jastremski and asks him to come up to the quarterback room.

Brady (2:38 p.m.): Jj are you here?

Jastremski (2:38 p.m.): Yup

Brady (2:38 p.m.): Come to qb room

You can read more at the link above from Yahoo, but I have to say as a viewer who knows nothing at all about Football, this doesn’t look good. And why should we all care? Because we supposedly live in a world where the people who work hard and play by the rules prosper and where cheaters do not.

I hope there is some resolution on this because personally I am tired of seeing the cheaters always win.


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