Chris Soules tells Witney Carson ‘I love you’, not ready to leave LA

Bachelor Chris Soules got the boot from DWTS last week, but apparently he is not leaving LA to return to ‘real life’ that easily. For weeks he kept discussing how excited he was to return to Iowa with his new fiancé Whitney Bischoff so they could get their ‘real life’ started, but now that he can, it doesn’t look like he is ready to leave. reports that the Iowa farmer has become obsessed with his new fame and wants to stay in Los Angeles to pursue a career in front of the camera.

Their insider says:

“Chris has become obsessed with living in Hollywood, and loves the fame he got from being on The Bachelor and on Dancing With The Stars.”

“Being voted off DWTS will be very hard for Chris because he truly thought the Bachelor fans would get him through to the finals.”

After Chris does a press tour in New York City, he plans to return to Los Angeles to prepare for the finale episode of DWTS.

“His ego has grown out of control, and he now has a publicist, and manager!” …… “He would love to become known as a host for big events.”

I wonder if his desire to stay in LA has anything to do with his DWTS partner Witney Carson? I think it’s hard to deny that these two have chemistry and I suspect that’s why Whitney Bischoff left abruptly for Chicago missing Chris’ final performance.

Bischoff also didn’t bother promoting Chris performance on social media.

He can be seen telling partner Witney Carson ‘I love you’ in this video.

The Radar source added, “Whitney thought being on The Bachelor was fun, because she had truly fallen in love with Chris. She wants to leave that behind, and focus on starting her life with Chris away from the glare of Hollywood in the Midwest. Chris just doesn’t seem ready to give that up, however.”

I suspect Chris has strong feelings for his DWTS dance partner which presents a brand new situation because she is not leaving LA for a pig farm in Arlington, Iowa. So Chris is going to have to come up with a way to leave his 12,000 pigs so he can pursue Witney 2.0.

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