Whitney Bischoff & Chris Soules break up imminent

So I have held off on reporting any break-up rumors on Whitney Bischoff, 29 and her beau Bachelor Chris Soules, 33 for a while because it’s so hard to know if there is any legitimacy at all to them, but now we have some evidence.

For one thing Whitney has flown back home to Chicago while Chris finishes Dancing with the Stars in L.A.

Chris told Glamour Magazine, “She (Whitney) actually went back to Chicago this weekend. She had some work things to get caught up on. And now [this process is] getting really intense. I’m not even existent to her, and she’s missing friends and home, so she’s going to take some time back there, and I’m sure she’ll be back in the next couple weeks hopefully if I’m still here.”

Wow! So Whitney won’t even be there to cheer him on to the end? That is quite telling. That and the part where Chris says “I’m not even existent to her”–really? But you two are like newlyweds? Where is Chris Harrison on this situation?

The other big clue is that Whitney has not met some of Chris’ closest relatives. Chris Soules grandmother Beverly Soules lives 20 minutes away from Chris and has yet to meet his bride to be.

“I have not met her [Whitney],” she told RadarOnline.

“I’ve only seen her on TV.” Also not a good sign when your soon-to-be in-laws have only seen you on television.

Funny thing is I was just looking at pictures of him and his DWTS partner Witney Carson and thinking ‘he is definitely hot for that girl’.

Whitney’s stepfather’s wife Marsha Mudd also weighed in: “We watched [her win his heart]. It was all over the media so you kind of know what’s coming. We wish Whitney all the best.”

Yikes. Nice and vague. This does not look good. But I also think the chances that DWTS girl is gonna leave LA for Arlington, Iowa are slim to none so Bischoff still has an advantage.

In the meantime Bischoff will be joining Bachelorette Andi Dorfman in Louisville this weekend for the Kentucky Derby.

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