Bachelor Australia 3: Heather Maltman Bio

Bachelor Australia 3: Heather Maltman Bio

Featured Photo Source: TenPlay

Name: Heather Maltman

Age: 29

Bachelor Australia 3

Hometown: New South Wales, born in Queensland

Eye color: Hazel

Occupation: Actress/filmaker

Height: 176cm

From her Tenplay bio

Ok! So the mysterious “Heather” was a break-out hit tonight on the premiere of season 3 of The Bachelor–such a hit Bachelor Sam Wood handed her the coveted first impression rose.

So what do we know about the Bachelor AU contestant?

Well per her Tenplay bio she is an aspiring filmmaker, a bit of a “tomboy”, a closet romantic, and a jokester. According to her intro video, she does yoga on hilltops and is looking for a yin to her yang.

I am guessing Heather is an Enneagram 1, the Perfectionist/Reformer and I am guessing that we will get a lot of amazing overshares from her since ones tend to always be in the confessional confessing to the smallest of things. Ones are brilliant at “keeping it real” and they have an amazing wit and way of seeing the world.

She claims that her best asset is her “ability to take a crappy situation and make it great”–see what I mean?

In regards to why she decided to search for a life partner on reality television she says:

“Mainly because everything I have done in this world has always been for someone else. I am doing this show for me. I am hoping to be able to find a guy who looks at life the way I do, and fall in love.”

Her acting portfolio includes TV roles on shows like Winter and Wingman, and commercials, like one for Zoosh salad dressing, and the Zoo City Lads’ Throw It Away music video.

I am trying to find more info on her so if you have anything please email me. I’d love to learn more…. 

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