Bachelor Australia Sam Wood meets his amazing ladies

“First impressions are everything”

Bachelor Australia season 3 is set to air very soon and Channel 10 is leaking some new promos for the show. This latest promo shows the arrival of the amazing ladies to the Bachelor mansion to meet and try to entice 34-year-old Melbourne personal trainer Sam Wood.

The ladies definitely “come on strong”. One lady tells Sam right out of the gate that she definitely wants kids, and asks him if he does too.

There is a reference to Marilyn Monroe as one contestant in a black gown saunters over to Sam saying “Hello Mr Bachelor.”

One girl dances flamenco for Sam and gives him a “preview” of the goods flashing her underwear! Amazing!

One girl makes a balloon rose!!!

In the voice over Sam reveals this is “by far the craziest thing I’ve ever done for love.”

The promo ends by saying “one girl will make an impression that will leave Sam begging for more.”

One of those girls is best friend of model/former Miss Universe Australia Laura DundovicLana Jeavons-Fellows. She will be quite a contender for sure.

Come on Australia! We are still waiting for you to announce a premiere date. Stay tuned…

Photo Source: Channel 10 

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