Bachelorette winner’s father Steven Booth worried Kaitlyn Bristowe will dump son

You might be wondering what Bachelorette winner Shawn Booth’s family thinks now that they have seen future daughter-in-law Kaitlyn Bristowe, 30 take runner-up Nick Viall, 34 on an impromptu Fantasy Suite date in Ireland while professing her undying love to their son.
Not surprisingly father Steven Booth, 56 is concerned according to The National ENQUIRER.

“Steve said, ‘What the hell’s going on? This is nuts!’” a source claimed. “Steven was not a happy camper about Kaitlyn and Nick, and he let his son know it.”

In fact Shawn’s mom, Jo-Anne Kagan Booth, 54 has even declined to meet Kaitlyn.

The source continued…

“Steve is worried about this, because he’s in deep,” ……..“He wants Shawn to be happy, but he’s worried Kaitlyn is too fickle and flighty.”

Shawn’s mom and dad divorced when he was young and the split had quite an impact on him as he mentioned on the show.

The source adds….“Shawn said his dad’s definitely a bit of a skeptic, but he values his advice more than anyone’s in the entire world,” and continues explaining that Shawn is worried they will not make it to the altar.

How could ANYone be worried that these two will not make it to the altar? This relationship is solid.

Well all joking aside, I did not think it boded well that ABC did not even spring for an exotic location for the proposal.

I am just waiting for reports that Kaitlyn is still sexting runner up Nick. I’m sure Kaitlyn will time the break up to maximize her media exposure…

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