Ben Higgins and Tenley Molzahn were dating?!!

Wait, wait, wait…..Ben Higgins and Tenley Molzahn were dating?!! I love how Us Magazine just casually dropped this little bombshell today while officially announcing that 27-year-old Ben Higgins will lead the 2016 of the Bachelor.

Us Magazine says:

“It turns out that Higgins just turned down a promotion at work and halted a romance with Season 14’s Tenley Molzahn. Says the source, “They want to hook up but haven’t. They’re being careful not to jeopardize Ben H.’s Bachelor stint.”


“Halted a romance with Tenley Molzahn”! I don’t even know where to begin with this situation. First of all congratulations Tenley, this is your year! Turns out Tenley is in seriously high demand after her recent break up with fellow Bachelor Nation alumn Kiptyn Locke.

Secondly, when did they have time to meet and strike up a “romance”? Between filming The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise WHEN??? The Bachelorette finale was July 27th and Ben’s exit was on the 13th so he could not be out and about flirting up a storm prior to his onscreen elimination. And BiP had not aired at that point so Tenley could not be out and about dating anyone.

Third…apparently Ben likes older ladies. Kaitlyn was 30 and Tenley is 31.

Fourth, does this mean Tenley is going to crash Ben’s season on episode 4 and “everything is going to change” like with Nick Viall on Kaitlyn’s season? Haven’t producers learned their lesson to make sure leads are completely single before casting them?

This is a seriously crazy situation. Perhaps producers are so excited about the ratings from Kaitlyn’s season thanks to walk-on and trouble-maker Nick, but Tenley is hardly a trouble maker and I seriously doubt these two will be caught with a hot mic having sex on episode 5 in a fit of uncontrollable passion.

I also have to wonder if producers are setting it up so that Tenley can be The Bachelorette—being her long history with the franchise and her long history of getting jilted—after all viewers love the underdog—-surely the country will rally behind the Disney princess to find her Prince Charming.

I really do not know what to make of this situation! Hopefully more details will emerge soon!

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