Samantha Steffen Bachelor in Paradise Bio, Photos, Twitter

Samantha Steffen Bachelor in Paradise Bio, Photos, Twitter, Wiki

Name: Samantha Steffen

Age: 28

Birthday: February 15th, 1987

the-bachelor-sam-square-w352Hometown: Los Angeles, CA, Originally from Carmel Indiana

Height: 5’5″

Occupation: Fashion Designer, pageant beauty queen, She competed Miss California USA pageant in 2013. She was recently a judge at the 2015 Miss Pasadena contest in Century City.

A 2005 graduate of Carmel High School, Carmel Indiana as well as Indiana University.

Ex-boyfriend: Jeremy Piven

Season of The Bachelor: Chris Soules

Twitter: @SammiSteffen

Instagram: samanthasteffenSamantha-Steffen-2

 Nick Peterson and Samantha Steffen in LOVE!…after Paradise.

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  1. I dont know why people complain about Joe a lot ??? But how about Juelia ???? Adult and has kid already ! 31 years old ???? In life alot jerk and liar in love relationship! Two people came to her and warning her already! She should keep more thought! She picked Joe over two older guy than Joe ! What was her fault first !!! I think if She was better than Samantha ! Joe will picked her !


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