Joe Bailey uses Juelia Kinney to get to Samantha Steffen

Joe Bailey shocks everyone tonight by being a serious d-bag to single mom Juelia Kinney, 31. Juelia apparently has strong feelings for Joe and sort of asks herself out when Joe asks who wants to go horseback riding with him.

On their date Juelia is really impressed that Joe knows her story, but why wouldn’t he, he watches the show!!!

So the two hold hands and jump into a waterfall and enjoy a make-out session. Juelia returns from the date glowing, Joe returns looking like he needs a shower.

Samantha Steffen
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Juelia gushes to her cast-mates about what a strong connection they have. Joe tells cast-mates the date was “ok”. We then hear Joe tell producers that he is just using Juelia to get a rose so he can stay until contestant Samantha Steffen from Soules’ season arrives.

He also takes a few more digs at Juelia telling producers “she’s not that smart.” And when a producer asks him how was their kiss Joe says “bad”. Ouch!

And apparently Joe Bailey and Samantha knew each other and had been flirting before the show began. Samantha was a contestant in the Miss California 2013 pageant and she is in high demand because Bachelorette alumn Nick Peterson arrives later and hooks up with her and is not happy that Samantha and Joe lied.

Incidentally it was recently reported that Sam dated Entourage star Jeremy Piven in February of this year so with that sort of B+ Hollywood list resume I doubt that Kentucky State Farm insurance agent Joe Bailey is not going to win her rose.

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