Ben Higgins Bachelor casting audition tapes

Ben Higgins Bachelor casting audition tapes

Just in case you are wondering what the casting call looked like for Ben Higgins Bachelor 2016 season, here are a few fun videos that show you the turn-out. This one is from New York City earlier this year.

Amanda Kremer, 28
Portland, Oregon

Kelsey DeSchryver
Walnut Creek, California

Kristin Farris is really in to Ben H

What is the Bachelor Casting Process like?

Here is a brief synopsis of what you can look forward to if you are looking to be cast on The Bachelor

To start, the want-to-be-contestant goes to a casting call in a specific city, and fills out a brief questionnaire. Then is called in to a small room with a producer, and a camera — talk about pressure.

If the contestant advances they will get a phone call telling them they are headed to the next round which then requires the contestant to fill out an extensive background form with lots of contacts.

ABC wants to know if you have been arrested, or starred in a porn, etc.–although lots of contestants have had arrest records—even Bachelor Chris Soules. And apparently someone blew it vetting Jade Roper, the nude Playboy model.

The call for the next round takes about 6 weeks and at this point they fly the contestant to LA for the official casting weekend.

This is where the handlers arrive and the hostage situation begins–at the hotel–they check you in to your rooms and tell you to never leave.

Then there is a very extensive 1000 question personality test, on top of a 30 page questionnaire where they really check to make sure you are somewhat emotionally stable.

The questionnaire asks questions like: what is your biggest fear?–this is where you say movies and pizza parties, because if you are cast, this will become a date.

The next day a handler grabs you for another interview with a producer on camera. And THEN you sit before a panel of producers and answer questions.

And THEN you get to talk to a private investigator who tries to find dirt on you.

And after all of that you will definitely need to meet with their psychologist. And he/ she will give you the results of your personality test.

After all of this… you get a blood test and give a urine sample.

2 weeks later you will get a call.

Good Luck!!!

And tell us how it goes!!!

Here is the official application process from ABC.

Meet contestant Olivia Caridi

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