Cem Habib: Bio, Hometown, Net worth, Religion, Photos, Twitter

Cem Habib: Bio, Hometown, Net worth, religion, Photos, Twitter, wiki

Name: Cem Habib

Age: 40

Born: TBA

Zodiac: Cancer

Ethnicity: Turkish

Religion: Jewish

Net Worth: 20 million pounds (30 million dollars)

Hometown: (Born in Turkey) London, UK—moved to Wentworth Estate in Virginia Water 2 years ago.

Occupation: Partner at CIS Private Equity Management Limited.

Previously was a partner at Cheyne Capital.

Photo Source: Twitter
Photo Source: Twitter

Wife: Caroline Stanbury . The two married in 2004.

Education: BS and BA in International Business and Finance from American University’s Kogod School of Business.

Children: Aaron and Zac (twins), 4 and a daughter Yasmine, 8 together.



Cem appears on Ladies of London on Bravo as the husband of lead Caroline Stanbury.

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