Are Nick Peterson and Samantha Steffen still together?

Are Nick Peterson and Samantha Steffen still together?

The season 2 Bachelor in Paradise finale shocked everyone Monday night when the 3 remaining couples had to decide if they wanted to continue their relationships off camera and 28-year-old model and BiP villain Samantha Steffen and 30-year-old Personal Trainer Nick Peterson decided that they wanted to continue dating in the real world. 

The two were off to a very rough start since Samantha was already involved in a relationship with Joe Bailey when Nick arrived (although her and Nick had been talking on social media and phone for 3 months prior to the show).

In fact the show revealed that Samantha had been texting Joe and demanding that he do anything he had to to stay on the show to meet her.

But luckily the “Joe spell” eventually wore off and Sam set her sights on Nick.

I don’t think anyone seriously thought these two would make it to the finale and choose to stay together, especially after seeing Samantha manipulating everyone to stay on the show, but they did. And now the big question is ….

Are Nick Peterson and Samantha Steffen still together?Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 12.10.03 AM

And the answer is YES! They are still together and dating as of today September 8th, 2015. In fact Nick just posted a pic of the two of them together on Twitter…

 Date night with this lil lady! #WeSitOnTheSameSideOfTheBooth @ MAGNOLIA

— Nick Peterson (@NickPetersonTV) September 9, 2015

And Samantha posted this on Twitter…

“he makes me smile when we hug for a while may just stay like this for a while "</psam-nick-paradise

Wow!!! Congratulations Nick and Samantha!

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