Vanderpump Rules season 4 premiere: a boob job, an engagement, a break up & a drinking problem

Season 4 of Vanderpump Rules premieres on Bravo on November 2. 

A new Vanderpump Rules season 4 premiere was just released and the trailer does not disappoint. The season “SUR”ves up a bevy of situations. Jax Taylor, not surprisingly, has a brand new girlfriend and she is, not surprisingly, a model and a …situation. Her name is Brittany Cartwright and she is from Richmond, Kentucky and Jax buys her a boob job…..allegedly.

This is after season 3 where Jax received a nose job from a friend of then girlfriend Tiffany Matthews.

Last month, Jax was spotted helping her into the car after the plastic surgery.

In the trailer Jax says,

‘I’m not getting any younger. I would like to settle down at some point,’ then adding: ‘I do definitely need another girl’s name tattooed on my arm.’

Oh dear God.

Also included in the clip:

Tom Schwartz proposes to longtime girlfriend and beard Katie Maloney (Snooze….obviously Tom is receiving a big nudge from producers. This engagement will be over so fast.)

Cougar Kristen Doute breaks up with boyfriend James Kennedy.

And Newlyweds Scheana and Mike Shay are having marital problems after only a few months of marriage! But let’s be honest, didn’t we all see this coming? Scheana wanted a wedding. It was never about Mike.

In a clip a tearful Scheana proclaims: ‘He’s just been drinking so much lately.’

Lisa Vanderpump replies: ‘He needs to get clean. He needs to take responsibility for the fact that he’s married this girl and he needs to get his s*** together.’

BTW new girl Lala Kent will join the cast.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that season 4 of Vanderpump Rules will NOT disappoint!

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