Who is Bachelor contestant Joelle Fletcher?

Who is Bachelor contestant Joelle Fletcher? (nickname JoJo)

We now know several of Ben Higgins contestants and there are a few standouts for sure. One is stunning 24-year-old Joelle Fletcher nickname “JoJo”, Real estate Developer from Dallas, Texas. And interestingly Joelle is actually not a stranger to reality television, her brother Ben Patton was one of three bachelor’s on NBCs version of the Bachelor called Ready For Love that aired in April of 2013.

We were obsessed with that show and so bummed when it was cancelled after 2 episodes!

Remember brother Ben got engaged to Angela Zatopek on the show?

Joelle_Fletcher_ben higgins
Joelle Fletcher
Source: Twitter

Anyhow Joelle works for JHF Realty Development LLC and is or was Manager for her brothers Patton Hope Foundation

And the girl is smart. She attended a Christian college, Baylor University. Her mother Soraya Fletcher has a doctorate degree from Vanderbilt School and travels the globe to poor countries in the Middle East, and South America to help with humanitarian needs.

Father Joseph Fletcher is in the medical field as well. He is an Internist.
She has another brother Peter Fletcher, and another half brother Matt Patton and a sister Rachel Fletcher.
Her ex is boyfriend is Chad Rookstool who owns Chad Rookstool Salon in Dallas. Apparently Chad is watching her dog while she’s away filming. That could be a situation….

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