Ben Higgins on his romantic 1 on 1 with Jojo Fletcher

On Monday night Bachelor Ben Higgins finally got to spend some 1 on 1 time with 24-year-old Dallas real estate developer Jojo Fletcher in Las Vegas. I especially loved the part when their date helicopter arrived blowing over their table and breaking a champagne glass prompting them to passionately kiss on the tarmac in eye line of the other ladies.

But Monday night we were a bit distracted by Olivia so luckily Ben has a blog where he fills us in on what we did not get to see while we were watching Olivia circle the drain, and apparently there was a lot that we did not see on this date. To start he admits that he is very physically attracted to her.

“I was so excited for my date with JoJo. We had such an intense passion even in our limited time together, and I really wanted a date with her to see if it was more than just lust (she is an incredibly beautiful woman) and could have a possibility at love. So going into it not only was I excited because of those passionate moments, but I was a little nervous too, because I have had moments in my life where I was intensely attracted to a woman only to find out that was all that we had together. And as a man looking for a wife and a lifelong partner, I know passion and physical attraction is not the foundation for a marriage.”

I love that Ben admits that he is looking for a “lifelong partner”. Anyhow, apparently the date changed course.

“I had set up this incredible helicopter tour of the Valley of Fire outside the city ….. but a huge rain and lightning storm rolled in that morning and the pilots said it was too dangerous to fly. So …… Instead, we did what you do in Vegas … we gambled!”

“But while we were playing, the weather cleared up and I was SO excited to surprise her with the helicopter still even if we didn’t have time to get out to the Valley of Fire. …..

Of course, what I didn’t know is that we had set up the table with the champagne a little too close to where the helicopter was landing. That was actually really scary! That table came crashing down and poor JoJo got a cut on her foot from the champagne glass that shattered when it fell. ”

Well like I said in an earlier post ABC is on to the trick that people who survive life threatening events bond very quickly which is why they always send the Bachelor and a front-runner scaling down the side of a skyscraper or swimming with stingrays… a good impromptu, unplanned life-threatening situation facilitating rapid bonding is a home-run for producers.

“It was really kind of great though. Crouching behind that table with our hearts pumping and wind blowing in or faces, it created such an unintentionally romantic moment. I couldn’t help but kiss her. JoJo and I just cannot get past that passion and that adrenaline was an unbelievable start to our date.”

Of course Ben did not realize the make out session was being watched by the other ladies who he was also courting. (He should know better and know the other ladies are likely always in sight line).

“What I didn’t love, however, was that the other women were watching as I kissed her. I had made a very big effort up to that point, taking Sean [Lowe] and Jason [Mesnick]’s advice from before I met the women, not to kiss any woman in front of any other woman.”

Unfortunately Olivia Caridi witnessed the make-out session and it sent her into an epic downward spiral.

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