Who is Caroline Fleming’s ex boyfriend and baby daddy?

Everyone knows that 40-year-old Danish royal and Ladies of London star Caroline Fleming was once married to banking scion Rory Fleming who fathered two of her children, Alexander, and Josephine, but who is the father of her youngest child 4-year-old Nicholas?

Nicholas aka ‘Nico’ is the son of her much younger ex boyfriend 27-year-old Danish footballer Nicklas Bendtner whom she dated for 16-months after her marriage to Fleming dissolved.

The two were first spotted together strolling through Hyde Park in November of 2009.

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Interestingly they met when Caroline was filming another reality show where she was renovating her family home, Valdemars Castle — one that led to the end of her marriage with ex-husband Rory Fleming BTW. Bendtner was a guest on the show and they did a photoshoot together to promote his appearance.

Caroline is 13 years older than her ex which is interesting in light of tonight’s episode of Ladies of London where Fleming confessed that she has a brand new boy toy. In fact Bendtner and her were even engaged briefly but the pressures of parenthood caused the relationship to fall apart. 

Unfortunately the two broke up right after she gave birth to son Nico in December of 2010.

At the time they dated Nicklas was a striker for Arsenal. But recently just began his second season at Wolfsburg.

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

Caroline was so in to her young beau that she allegedly even tattooed Bendtner’s name on her wrist during the relationship.

At the time Nicklas, was making £2.5million a year and Caroline was worth £400 million. No word on a settlement but the two appear to be on good terms.

BTW, Caroline just announced that she and her current young boyfriend have broken up.

Who is Caroline’s ex-husband?

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Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

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