Doug Hehner reacts to Jamie Otis’ feelings for her ex boyfriend

Bachelor star Jamie Otis, 28 shocked fans when she appeared on a crazy new reality series on a new network (FYI) called Married at First Sight and took a serious leap of faith and allowed 6 experts to find her a husband “sight” unseen.

The premiere was cringeworthy because Jamie was not hot for her chosen husband Doug Hehner, but as the season progressed Jamie let her walls down and fell for the 32-year-old commercial sales rep.

The two became the most beloved couple to emerge from the series with 1000s of fans cheering them on. And now they are filming the second year of Married At First Sight: The First Year and there is a big situation with an ex boyfriend. Jamie Otis is pining for an ex.

Jamie tells the Daily Mail Online:

‘I felt obligated to tell my husband how I felt because it almost felt like cheating if I didn’t,’……’I was thinking of my ex. That is not OK in a marriage. I knew I needed to be honest with Doug in order for us to work through it.’

The registered nurse revealed that she began having these feelings when she and Doug ‘stopped having fun’.

‘I wasn’t feeling loved by Doug and I felt like that didn’t happen with my ex,’ ……. ‘I have had one healthy and loving relationship prior to Doug. I’ve always wanted to live a life with someone with that type of chemistry. Doug and I definitely were at a point where we didn’t have that.’

And Doug who won Jamie over with his unconditional patience and love for her responded in typical Doug fashion claiming he ‘never felt threatened’ by what she was saying.

‘I initially felt that Jamie did not have many male influences in her life, or positive interactions with great guys, except for her ex,’ ….. ‘When you have one memorable relationship, that is what will make you feel comfortable, but it’s the only thing that you have to compare to. When it came up again after a year, it was crushing.’

The good news is that the couple is still going strong.

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