Thomas Ravenel — who has he dated, married and divorced?

Thomas Ravenel — who has he dated, married, divorced ….. & impregnated?

Former Charleston, South Carolina, Republican State Treasurer and more importantly Southern Charm star, Thomas Ravenel, 53 has had quite a history with women. Shockingly only one ‘official’ marriage, but lots of close calls, I mean ‘engagements’, and now two official incidents of impregnating a woman out-of-wedlock. So I decided to make things simpler I would break it down in an official timeline.

  • 1995: In late 1995 a young 32-year-old Thomas Ravenel married Mary Ryan Ravenel, but separated 13 months later. They were legally divorced in 1998.
Thomas Ravenel fiancé in 2001 was Candace Yearwood
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  • 2001: 38-year-old Ravenel applied for a marriage license with 30-year-old Candace Yearwood, aka ‘Beverage cart girl’. T-Rav dumps her the day before the wedding. Yearwood became ‘the one that got away’.
Dr. Danielle Tosi
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Kathryn Dennis
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  • 2013 (July): He impregnates Kathryn/breaks up with Kathryn after he finds out that she slept with Whitney Sudler-Smith, he tells Kathryn he’s been thinking a lot and decides they need to have a “face to face.” The two break-up in a tearful exchange– Ok, cut to 9 months later–we see a scene of the two very happy and together and holding their new baby girl!!!
  • 2014 (March 24th): Kathryn gives birth to a baby girl named Kensington Calhoun Ravenel in West Palm Beach, Florida.
  • 2014 (October): Thomas and Kathryn officially break up amid assault allegations made to the Charleston Police Department by Dennis’ good friend Lauren Moser.
  • 2015: Thomas Ravenel has been caught getting cosy with 33-year-old Anja Goen – an interior designer from Fort Walton Beach, Florida.
  • 2015 (September): 23-year-old Dennis got unexpectedly knocked up by T-Rav…….again and confirmed to People Magazine that her and Ravenel are expecting a son.

    Nadia Bakalov
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  • January 2016: Thomas was allegedly dating 30-year-old Washington DC realtor Nadia Bakalov whom he met in the self-help section at Barnes & Noble according to the
  • Thomas-and-Ashley-scMay of 2017: Thomas began dating 32-year-old Santa Barbara nurse Ashley Jacobs.

Obviously, there are more ladies yet to be identified like the ‘lesbian’ Kathryn Dennis accused Thomas of sleepin with on the season 2 reunion.

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  1. He is nothing but an old whore.I agree with Sheila,, he needs to get a vasectomy and stop bring innocent children into the mix.Obviously he wil have sex with anyone.He needs to be fixed !

  2. Has Thomas Ravenel ever considered getting a vasectomy? He has three children (out of wedlock) it’s time for him to GROW UP!! Thomas acts like a petulant 12 year old with no manners or respect for women. Does he have any selfrespect left? Don’t see how.


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