Who is Emily Ferguson from Bachelor 2016?

Who is Emily Ferguson from Bachelor 2016?

So for the first time in a very long time we have a set of twins on The Bachelor Haley and Emily Ferguson from Las Vegas, Nevada–and unlike Ashley I and her sister Lauren they will not be playing as a “team”. They will be considered separate individuals.

And thus far we know the twin who makes it the farthest is Emily.

Emily was born in October of 1992 to mother Jill Ferguson, 47 and father Scott Ferguson, 57 (along with Haley of course).

The 23-year-old grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada attending Silverado High School and graduating in 2011. Emily and her twin sister Haley more than just look like, the two have followed identical paths. Both attended the University of Nevada and both are studying to be elementary school teachers.

The girls have an older brother named Kyle Ferguson, 25 and both waitress at the Marquee nightclub in the Cosmopolitan hotel.

Emily Ferguson from Bachelor 2016
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From her online portfolio:

“Hello. My name is Emily Ferguson, I am currently a Sophomore at The University of Nevada Las Vegas. I am studying to be an elementary school teacher here at UNLV. I have always known that I would go to college for Elementary Education because I love kids and I know I would love to work with kids and help them learn and grow. I am currently a sales associate at Old Navy, but I am hoping to become a substitute teacher soon. I have created this page to show my progress and work from my technology class EDU 214: Preparing teachers to use technology. This page will show the work I have accomplished throughout this course and the many tips I have learned to help me be a great elementary school teacher.”

The twins also share an interest in cheerleading.In 2013 they tried out to be Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and were on Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders CMT “Making the Team Season 8” .

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