Olivia Caridi wins 1st impression rose from Ben Higgins!

Olivia Caridi gets 1st impression rose

Olivia Caridi definitely makes a good 1st impression and I had an inkling that she would be the one to win the coveted 1st impression rose because she has the beauty and the charisma of a true professional.

The tall blonde 23-year-old beauty is a broadcaster and if you look at her bio you can see this girl has her ducks in a row! She is put together (and BTW if you look at this adorable video of how her parents met you can see that her mother knew how to put on the charm with dad Robert from the minute they met.)

But be warned all may not be as it appears. An insider is claiming that Olivia is not what she appears to be and is fake and fresh out of a serious relationship. The insider also claims that she is faking her Christianity!!!!! Yep!!! This is a new situation for sure.

I think Ben is easily seduced by charm and charisma despite his distaste for drama, it’s always the charmers that bring all the drama. So stay tuned! I think Olivia will make it far, but likely not to the very end. I think she is too ambitious for Ben and this is just a stepping stone for her in a long media career.

Who is Olivia Caridi? 

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