Insider claims Caila Quinn went through Bachelor application process while she was in a relationship

An insider recently revealed to us that Bachelor 2016 contestant Caila Quinn was IN an exclusive relationship when she got word that she had been cast of the 2016 season of the show. The 23-year-old Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts Business Development Associate looks like a very professional and responsible young lady. She is obviously very smart and ambitious, but………….. she also may be a bit of a schemer.

First the insider said this…..

“She dated a guy exclusively for over a year, broke up with him in July, and now has popped up on the Bachelor. Does that sound like any other contestant this year?”

Well to start it sounds like Bachelor contestant Olivia Caridi.

Secondly, it means that she applied to be on the show while she was in this ‘exclusive’ relationship. In fact it sounds like she got the call from ABC and made the decision to end things without telling her boyfriend the real reason why.

Source: Instagram

(I am guessing Caila is probably thinking she won’t win, but wants the media exposure. So will get the boot at some point, come home and get back together and marry this boyfriend—why? Because this is the pattern with contestants!!—Ashley Salter, Renee Oteri, Tierra Li Causi, etc)

According to the insider the breakup sounds like it was a BIG surprise.

“I do think the breakup came as a surprise. I don’t know how he feels about the Bachelor thing. Especially since it’s so obvious she was going through the whole process while they were dating. That’s got to hurt.”

BTW, Caila has definitely tried her hand at modeling so she does desire the spotlight which is something to consider.

Source: Instagram

“The couple dated over a year and attended a family wedding together in July so she must have been going through the whole Bachelor process while she was still dating the guy…….she’s tried modeling and that didn’t work out so now she’ll get her 15 minutes of fame in January when the show airs so she’ll be happy. I’ve attended several parties where the couple was there and she’s all about herself.”

No wonder Bachelor Ben Higgins is having major meltdowns about the cattiness of his cast!!!!

One thing is for sure, Caila will be interesting to watch.

Bachelor contestants accuse Olivia Caridi of being ‘manipulative’

WARNING: Below is my rant at the websites that are reporting completely erroneous information on this story. Stop now if you don’t want to hear how bad the media’s coverage of The Bachelor and specifically Caila has been.

UPDATE 01/11/2016: The boyfriend is NOT Ricky Knapp of Boston as WetPaint aka Viggle, Bustle and other sites are claiming. They just grabbed pictures of Caila with a guy on social media and claimed it’s the guy she dumped so they’d have a story for those search terms.

All the info was there to prove Ricky is not the guy she dumped for Ben. The guy she dumped for Ben she met on a plane a little over a year ago. She has known Ricky for over 3 years even according to her Instagram account. The two went to Boston College together and were both in the Philippine society together.

Not saying they never dated or hooked up. Im just saying it’s really dishonest to make the title of your story…”Bachelor’s Caila Quinn: Details on Ex-boyfriend she dumped for Ben Higgins” (which it looks like they modified, but the original title is still in the cache) when they have no details on the ex-boyfriend that she dumped for Ben. Both Wetpaint and Bustle must have read what I wrote and realized they are wrong and now are trying to back-pedal. But this happens all the time.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 1.04.41 AM

Picture with Ricky Knapp from over 2 years ago on Instagram. How could this be the guy she met on a plane a year and a half ago?
Picture with Ricky Knapp from over 2 years ago on Instagram. How could this be the guy she met on a plane a year and a half ago?

Just goes to show you just because Google puts these sites at the top does not mean they are the best sources.

Reality Steve blasted the media’s inaccurate coverage of The Bachelor as well.

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